DEL / Kobi

Split The Cosmos

MC · Kassettkultur · KULT 008 · 2011-04-05

Limited edition of 50 numbered copies.


DEL reports from a cosmic trip to Bodø, Norway with a live recording from Nødutgangfestivalen 2010, while Kobi offers a spacey noise drone made from primordial matter, recorded at the release party for their 2010 album “Urstoff” at Sound of Mu, Oslo, Norway.


Grim Ace

MC · Gold Soundz · GS#92 · 2009-12-20

Limited edition of 50 copies.


Features two noisy outtakes from the Villa Graps sessions. Dedicated to crazy aces everywhere.


Excellent Choice

2xMC · Kassettkultur · KULT 001 · 2009-06-01

Limited edition of 100 numbered copies packaged in presentation cases with six variants of the silk screened cover art.


Features four distorted and explosive live performances. The first tape was recorded in Dunedin and Auckland during the band’s Sheep Tricks Tour of New Zealand in 2005, while the second tape features two shows in Oslo in 2006.

Birchville Cat Motel / A.M. / DEL

Live at Cuba Street Carnival & Huttstock - 2005

MC · TWR Tapes · 2005-09-26

Limited edition.


Two collective performances by Campbell Kneale, Antony Milton, Kjell Runar Jenssen, Lasse Marhaug, Per Gisle Galåen and Petter Flaten Eilertsen, recorded directly to a portable AIWA TP-SS1 mono cassette tape recorder in Wellington and Lower Hutt, NZ.


Dog & Mole Tape

MC · Xerxes Records · 2001

Limited edition.


Was to be a split cassette with somebody else, but when they never delivered their material it was extended to a full DEL release.


Xerxes is the best cassette label from Japan we've ever worked with.


Tremors / Screamers

MC · Freedom From · 1998

Limited edition of about 50 copies, half of which came in paper bags that looked pretty neat.


Recorded in 1997 with Sindre Bjerga of Fibo-Trespo as a guest. Cover drawing made by Emil Hagstrom of Cock ESP fame.


This one was reissued as a CD-R by Gold Soundz in 2004.