Burning Star Core / DEL


7" · Quasi Pop Records · QPOP REC08 · 2010-06-01

Limited edition of 300 copies.


Villa Graps

LP · Apartment Records · aparec028 · 2010-01-06

1st edition limited to 100 copies on black 180 gram vinyl. 2nd edition limited to 100 copies on blood red transparent 180 gram vinyl. Packaged in silk screened sleeves with fluorescent artwork featuring some our favorite film babes. Dedicated to crazy taxi drivers everywhere.


Five Dolls For An August Moon : DELirious & DELicious DELuxe Edition

Box set · Synesthetic Recordings · SYRE 018 DELuxe · 2006-08-31

Metal film canister containing test pressing of the LP, promotional CD-R of the album, exclusive CD-R with an outtake from the album sessions, t-shirt, button, keychain, A4 insert with credits, A4 poster made for the release party, press release and polaroid photo. Limited edition of 15 numbered copies.


Five Dolls For An August Moon

LP · Synesthetic Recordings · SYRE 018 · 2006-08-28

Limited edition of 528 copies.


More of a trippy psychedelic space drug hallucination than mangled lo/no-fi splatter-noise-rock meltdown, this is a dream of technicolor macabre sliced into 150 grams of virgin vinyl, its title taken taken from an early '70s giallo by Italian master of horror Mario Bava, a longtime favorite of the band.


NZ Tour 2005

8" lathe cut · Killer Records · Killer 011 · 2005-02-25

Limited edition of 60 numbered copies made for the Sheep Tricks Tour of New Zealand.


Der Lehnstuhl Sagt Alles

LP · [OHM] Records · 1.2 ohm · 2002

Limited edition of 110 numbered copies with handpainted front covers. A few copies came packaged in a special box with other DEL artifacts.


Reissued as a CD-R by PseudoArcana in 2003.


Twilight Of The Dead

7" EP · Killer Records · Killer 005 · 2000

Limited edition of 300 copies; 100 on clear transparent vinyl and 200 on black vinyl.


This is the second of DEL's movie themed 7" releases, focusing on the zombie cinema of George A. Romero, Umberto Lenzi and Lucio Fulci. Mr. Cosmonaut of Cosmonauts Hail Satan contributed loops on the opening track.

DEL / The Four

Ghost Bitch / 'Cross the Breeze

7" picture disc · Killer Records · Killer 003 · 1999

Limited edition of 300 copies.


SYCSS4 : Sonic single series four - one moore for the fempriest



7" lathe cut · Dirtlove Records · Film1.5 · 1998

Limited edition of 50 copies.


Themed on the Korean monster movie Yongary from 1967.


If You Got To Fight... Fight Dirty!

LP · Apartment Records · aparec009 · 1998

Limited edition of 210 copies; 150 copies with a photo glued to the black cover, 40 with xeroxes and 20 with transparent paper.



No Escape From The Valley Of The Cannibals

7" EP · Killer Records · Killer 002 · 1998

Limited edition of 500 copies; 250 on heavy black vinyl, 200 on green spotted vinyl and 50 on blue vinyl, 24 of which came with a stamped Betty Page trading card.


This is the first of DEL's movie themed 7" releases, focusing on Italian cannibal films of the late '70s and early '80s by directors such as Sergio Martino and Umberto Lenzi. John Waters liked the cover!

DEL / Green Monkey

Satan is Boring / Inhuman

7" · Apartment Records · aparec005 / Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers / Jazzassin Records · JAZZ009 / Killer Records · Killer 001 · 1997

Limited edition of 444 copies on black and lilac marbled vinyl.


SYCSS1 : Sonic single series - one in five baby, five in one

Liner notes by Thurston Moore.