DEL - Villa Graps (LP, Apartment Records, 2010) DEL - Grim Ace (MO, Gold Soundz, 2009) DEL - Excellent Choice (2xMC, Kassettkultur, 2009) DEL - Five Dolls For An August Moon (LP, Synesthetic Recordings, 2007) DEL - Projectionist Please Focus (CD, [OHM] Records], 2000) DEL - Twilight of the Dead (7 inch, Killer Records, 2000) DEL - No Escape From The Valley Of The Cannibals (7 inch, Killer Records, 1998) DEL - Salvador Dali (Button, Synesthetic Recordings, 2006)

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Killer and Petter looking for records in Auckland, NZ, 2005. Photo by Lasse Marhaug.
Lasse and Petter selling records in Wellington, NZ, 2005. Photo by Lasse Marhaug.